Homemade Wind turbine

build a wind generator- homemade wind generator
 Learning how to Build a Wind Generator is not that difficult. With a little help and encouragement from our experienced staff and the right set of wind generator plans you can build a homemade wind generator that will produce free wind energy for your home for years to come. 
In order to build a wind generator of your own just follow our 4 step plan...
Step 1: Build A Wind Generator
All of the Steps are linked together in sequence so start here. This article is a great place to start. Just click on the link on the left. Here you will find a preliminary parts list, what you will need in the way of tools and general wind energy terms as well as links to find the wind data for your area.

build a wind generator towerStep 2:Build A Wind Generator Tower

In this step you will learn what kinds of tower options are available, what size tower you will need and also where to find free towers in your own neighborhood.You might even get paid to take down that free tower, sometimes the owners want them down so bad they will pay you to take away your new wind generator tower.

wind generator plansStep 3: Wind Generator Plans to Build A Wind Generator
Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to let our 10 years of research go to work for you.Our dedicated research staff has put together this list of the very best, least expensive wind generator plans for you. Available in either print version or pdf download.

Batteries to build a wind generator picture 2Step 4: Batteries to Build a Wind Generator
Learn all about batteries  for your renewable energy system, including building a battery reconditioning system to turn old and discarded batteries into new (or almost new), this is probably the biggest money saving tip that we learned in all of our years of building renewable energy systems.

Putting it all together. In this wind generator article you will find all of the other technical stuff you will need from wiring your wind generator to charge controllers in order to build a wind generator.

The 3 best reasons you should Build a Wind Generator

Why should you choose to build a wind generator instead of buying one? Or even installing solar panels as an option to produce renewable energy to power your home? It doesn't matter if you live in Canada, the United States, Israel, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, England, or any other country on Earth, this just works.

Reason #1 – More Power Output per Dollar Invested !
Over the past 15 years our family has explored every renewable energy option available and after our extensive research we have concluded that learning how to build wind generators is the best option. We have built our own solar panels, and it isn’t nearly as easy as building a wind generator.

The output of power from solar panels is substantially less than the total power output potential from a simple wind generator setup. Compare 100 watts from a typical solar panel to the 1000 watts (or more) of power production potential from wind generators for about the same money invested.

That one comparison is a huge factor in our decision to promote the building of wind generators instead of solar energy. We do use both solar and wind energy in our home, but the fastest way to get set up with renewable energy is to build a wind generator. Nearly every location can be adapted to produce most or all of their energy from the wind.

Reason #2 Build A Wind Generator- Save Thousands of Dollars!
When we first started out looking at the options to produce renewable energy for our home we started shopping for wind generators. Yes, we thought we would just entertain the option of purchasing our own 1000 watt wind generator complete with tower. But,wo the prices! They were outrageous, the least expensive package we could find was in the area of $4000 and we had to install it.

For this family that was a lot of money, we decided to find out if it was possible to build our own wind generator. After about 10 years of research we can finally answer that it is definitely possible for the average family to build their own wind generator and save thousands of dollars.

Definitely this is a better option, it turned into a real family project and had a lot of fun too.

Reason #3 Wind Generators are Visually Appealing!
A well built, well planned wind generator installation looks great spinning away 40 feet above the ground. I have personally never seen a solar panel installation that looked half as good as any homemade wind generator we have built, or any of the hundreds of families who have used our plans either.

When I look out the window and see our own wind generator whirling away with its stainless steel body, colorful tail and bright yellow blades spinning around up there I know we chose the right option and the many emails we get all agree with our choice too.

Those are 3 pretty good reasons to build a wind generator, you will no doubt find even more reasons as you build your own.